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Policy of the forum
« on: December 07, 2011, 05:18:38 PM »
We encourage all ARM Investors and pending Investors to join this forum.

We have no affiliation with any of the commercial companies involved in the ARM Bond sales or ARM Securities management. 

We have no connection with any of the regulators such as FSA, CSSF (Luxembourg) nor do we have any connections to any of the Independant Financial Advisors who may have been involved with ARM Security advice.

This forum is an offshoot from the ARMHelp blog site, where there was not an easy way to read new postings, and where now, all postings are moderated prior to publication.  This forum offers a much better presentation to the members, and does not moderate posts unless obviously abusive etcetera.

This forum is owned and run by ARM investors who are not associated with any other company or association, and not affiliated with the ARMHelp blog site.

We encourage all members to express their views and opinions freely, with the obvious exceptions for abusive or libellous posts.

We encourage members to inform any other investors who may not be aware of this forum to visit and join in the discussions.

We have a registration process.  This is only to prevent  web crawler type programmes from trying to advertise porn and such things, and to prevent harvesting of email addresses.  Any genuine visitor will get all the help necessary if problems arise with the registration process.
regards, Les Hay, Livingston, Scotland