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New Members - Catching up with the history.
« on: September 24, 2012, 01:24:20 PM »
Dear New Member

Welcome to the ARM Investors Forum.
We hope it achieves its objective of providing you with a constant flow of information and knowledge relating to your investment in ARM.
And that it will help you be better prepared for whatever decisions lie ahead.

However we do realise we have amassed a daunting number of posts on a wide range of topics and it is not easy to know where to start.
We would direct you first of all to what we have called the Timeline. TIMELINE LINK
This is a constantly updated list of the significant events and milestones in this debacle so far.
Many of the entries in the Timeline have links to related articles, press releases, ARM announcements or discussions on the Forum.
Just below that in the same section we have Linked Items.  LINKED ITEMS LINK
This contains links to a wide variety of documents and articles submitted by members which others have found useful.
From those starting points you can use the search facility to track down information and discussion on topics of particular interest to your own situation.
And of course you can easily create a new topic or post to an existing topic to pass on information, ask questions etc.
You may get humour in return, you may get despair, you may get a member letting of steam, you may get a straight factual answer.
But in the main you will not be ignored because we share a common bond, however varied our circumstances.

Best Regards
Forum Admin Team
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