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Very useful Quick Links to Unread Posts
« on: November 12, 2011, 05:07:25 PM »
One of the main problems for anyone participating in a forum discussion is where to start looking after login. Most people want to see only the posts that they have not read previously and there is a simple facility to achieve that built into the opening page after logging in.

At the very top of the page your personal Forum Name is displayed together with your Avatar if you have one.

Immediately under that is  a link which if clicked will bring up only the topics which have unread posts contained within. This is a massive time saver.

Beneath this is another link which will only show new replies to any post you personally have made. There is also the facility to receive an email when your topic is responded to (or any other topic for that matter). Simply click on "Attachments and Other Options" at the bottom of the page (It may be necessary to scroll down if it is not visible in the open window. Click on the box next to "Notify me of replies" and ensure a tick appears. An email will now be sent to you immediately there is the next post in that topic. Only one email will be sent even if there are several replies. Once the topics have been read the email reminder is re-instated. Useful ??